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Twisted Easel “Surprise” Tutorial

Hi and welcome, this is a tutorial I made for my Twisted Easel Surprise Card pictured below, just click the image to view the full post



  1. Starting with a square card folded, this one pictured above is just under 15 x 15 cm folded. But in the next few steps, I will show you how to measure up quickly with any sized square card that you want to apply this technique too.


2. Place a ruler on half the width, from the top left corner to the bottom right corner and measure. This one pictured above measured about 27 cm across from top left to bottom right.
Determine how much spacing you would like around the outer edge, I would leave at least 5mm less than measured, for when it is propped open for display, it will allow a bit of room for the bulk when this is all folded closed, you don’t want it right on the center score line (when all folded).
I did use DP/Designer Paper weight, but if you intend to a slighter thicker insert allow a bit more spacing than 5mm, and paper weight, you may decide to leave less spacing *NOTE: when you dress the bottom left portion use the same measurements, to keep it all uniform.


3. Here is a diagram of the score folds for you to follow along with. *Note: I am showing this diagram as if your message side is facing down. So you will be scoring the back of your work/message insert.


4. This is the piece all scored, but it is the reverse side…… so flip it over first!


5. Fold the left and right in towards the center.


6. And squash it down flat.


7. Now you can stamp/print, craft away and then adhere it into your card design.


And this is how it will open with your lovely message for the recipient.

Happy Crafting! Thanks for popping in.



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