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Ceramic Cats


After unearthing these pretty kitties in a box in the spare room, I suddenly remembered I had not finished three of them (Umbrella Kitty, Books & Apple Kitty and Valentine Kitty). I bought these as bisque ware (clay or earthenware pottery that has been fired once but not glazed) about 1999 – 2002 at Ceramics so I could paint these at home.

I ended up painting 7 of them back then and for some reason stored them away in bubble wrap until now? I thought it was about time I finished them, so I can finally put the in the display cabinet… tagged done!


I tried to obtain a different colour for all 10 cats, I think I did fairly well achieving my goal. The Books & Apple Kitty I added a stem to the apple with a small piece of twine painted (so it stiffened) to add some detail. They have been embellished with glitter and Judikins/Diamond Glaze to accent some of their features.

They roughly measure about 6cm wide x 7cm height (excluding the ones with hats).


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