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Crochet Rope Rug


Hi Crafty friends! How is everyone, I am just dropping in to share with you my latest Crochet project & a couple of Jewellery mends. What a gorgeous sunny start to the day we are having here. Makes a delightful change from wet, windy & cold!


I finished this large Crochet Rope Rug, recently. This lovely pattern is from a Leisure Arts booklet called Floor Show. This design is appropriately called Pineapples. The pattern originally required 3 strands of 8ply crocheted together at the same time, but I did not feel the years of wear would be kind. I spotted this 100% cotton rope Here & knew it would be perfect for this project. The rope has a fairly soft core, great for crocheting and dying. It can be quite strenuous on the wrists & hands, I just made sure I gave my hands a rest every now and then while I was working on it.

I placed this rug in a nice spot, away from any main walking paths, so with that in mind and 100% cotton it should wash and also wear very well.


I dyed one whole 100 meter roll of the rope with 2 boxes of Rit fabric dyes (Cocoa Brown & Dark Brown) to insert into the design. I felt two rows of the darker colour would be too dark, so I then lightened off the darker colour with some bleach. I washed out the bleach and hung it out to dry again, it came out a lovely tanned colour with a wonderful mottled look (because of the way I applied the bleach)… but turned out perfect!
Joining: I cut some rope from each colour and pulled 2 strands to work with. I splayed out the ends of the rope and laid them together end to end and overlapping each other. I held these together with a strand of cotton and then sewed them together thoroughly with the matching pulled threads.
Blocking: I blocked with an iron set on cotton/steam,  and just took my time and did this to both sides.
Hook Size: I used a 8.00mm metal crochet hook (I used a 8.00mm plastic hook originally, it broke eventually from the strain!)

The last 4-5 rows I did my own thing with the design to get it to the diameter I wanted. This finished rug measures 4.8 feet/57.6 inches and weighs roughly 4kg. To make this rug, it took 700 – 800 meters  (7 – 8 x 100 meter rolls).



These are a couple of pieces of Jewellery, I was asked to mend for a dear friend and family member. I did not make or design these 2 lovely pieces. The black one on the left needed to be re-strung and a new parrot clasp added, I also replaced the clam shell knot covers with silver – wire guard guardian protector loops.

The Multi Stranded Green one on the right had broken, where it was attached within a Silver Cup Jewellery End Cap. I replaced these Silver Cup Jewellery End Caps with 2 Silver Cones. I also mended and re-attached the beaded strands to eye pins, instead of jump rings, how it was originally attached. I added a small bead to the extension chains, just to finish them off.

They were both happy they are fixed and wearable now.


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