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Shade House Makeover

Shade House Makeover

Hi Crafty friends how is everyone, hope you are all in good spirits and creatively crafting in some way. Today I am sharing with you, my shade house makeover. Quite a large project, I started a few weeks ago. Our shade house was in dire need of restoration and some luvin.. lots and lots of luvin!

It has been a while since my last post… sorry peeps, my bad : (  I have been very busy as usual and lately it’s mustering up the energy to get the pics, etc done. We have mulched all the garden beds, done a hard waste scrounge for collection here and at my sister in-laws, pruned roses, re-potted all the plants in the shade house are just are few of the jobs keeping me busy over the last few weeks, oh and I had 2 lots of dental work done, which left me painfully swollen and bruised for a good week, that.. was.. not.. fun. It feels like I catch up with everything and then back to catching up again! This is sadly funny, one of those catch ups being a Christmas card I made for a dear friend who has patiently waited til recently for me to make and write on the insert for her lol.. Seriously!

Oo yes I have made some Christmas cards and cards (I will share them with you soon), and something wonderfully frugal to show you as well (no clues mwuahaha! Super fun though, my brain amazes me sometimes) and some mixed media I am working on as well, but not quite finished with that. Oh I also have a jewelery project I made, and a few other projects, no not another bear either..ha gotcha! I better get crackin’ with pics and posting.

Shade House Makeover2

Outside under our carport where I had enough room the sew this big project, I set up my trusty Husky (Husqvarna sewing machine, my first ever sewing machine 26 -28 years ago, works like a draft horse!) that will no doubt need a good service after all this hard work. I do have another machine dedicated solely for dress making etc, a Janome and it’s also a very good sewing machine. I have never had any dramas with my sewing machines, luckily. Who wants to see some of my sewing, I’ll grab a few items (that I don’t fit into right now!) and get some pics together for you, not all of them a clothing either, I’ll keep you in suspense.

Shade House Makeover3

Using the old shade cloth as the pattern template and good old clothes pegs, I sewed up the new shade cover with 60-70% block out shade cloth material and also altered and sewed a rain cover for our shade house as well. Some parts were a squeeze through the machine aperture and also I had to unpick the whole back section to fix a boo boo (my own fault, thought I was smart cutting corners and ended up with the wrong seam allowance, giving me to much play with full finished stretched size) It seemed like it was never going to end at this stage, nothing worse than unpicking it, it’s like retracing old ground eeew! I would rather being going forward.. than backwards to go forward, I’ve plenty more crafting to do lol! But I got there eventually and I was glad when it was all finished. I was surprised and delighted how well it came up, when the missing aluminum lengths were added and it was all stretched and secured. Doing the happy dance!

Shade House Makeover4

I had an already decorated plaque I made (dated on the back ’99’.. makes me feel somewhat older!) so I hung it on the shade house door. I do remember I painted the plaque with acrylic paints and vaguely remember.. I think it came as a kit style pack with a few stencils, my older brain is slippin!

I first thought mmm, don’t think I’ll have much too write for this post, but now I’m finally done.

See you soon!


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